Dealing With A Break Up - He Has A New Girlfriend Is It Game Over

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Dealing With A Break Up - He Has A New Girlfriend Is It Game Over

Dealing With A Break Up - He Has A New Girlfriend Is It Game Over?

Dealing with a break up is something we all have to learn to do in our own way. Every breakup is different so there are no hard and fast rules that you have to stick to. During this time you will be constantly wondering "Can I get my ex boyfriend back?" and nothing else around you will matter. But the sooner you make the decision to make up or move on the sooner you can get on with your life. Even though there is no strict agenda to follow there are however some very sensible guide lines that can help in your quest to get him back.

Sometimes without realizing we can become a bit of a "nag!" Although this is probably not the final straw that would have caused the break up it is more likely to be something that could have built up over a period of time and in which case should be avoided when you meet with your ex. One of the keys to surviving a breakup is to make sure you are friendly and pleasant when you see him as this will make him feel relaxed and enjoy your company. Always complaining and moaning about how bad things are will only make him want to avoid you. Keep yourself happy when you are around him but don't fake it! He will see straight through you and it will turn him off. Learning to be the friendly outgoing person you used to be before the split and showing you are genuinely happy will draw him towards you.

If you feel the need to pretend to be someone else when you are around your ex you are only going to make things worse. You need to at all times be true to who you are. If when you are around him he makes you feel like you need to be acting in a certain way then maybe you should be looking for someone else to be with. Perhaps the breakup was meant to be and it is time to find someone who makes you feel comfortable just the way you are.

But if you can genuinely be your real happy self around him you will start to feel that the problems you had that were part of the cause of your relationship failing aren't really that important anymore. When dealing with a breakup you must remember that you can't change the past and during the time you were together things may have become a bit stale and you will both be guilty of perhaps taking each other for granted. When you are together at a later date, be the adult and admit to him that you hadn't realized that you were taking him for granted but don't expect him to do the same.

You are most likely thinking of ways of getting him back but be very careful because if you don't approach things correctly it could go one of two ways. It could either work in your favor or be a total disaster and mess up any chance you have of making up with your ex. If you are dealing with a break up make sure you have these 3 tips covered:

1 - If he has a new girlfriend can I get my ex boyfriend back?

This is not the best situation to be in because he now has a new love in his life and all his energy will be focused on her. Keeping things friendly and being the nice person you were when he first fell for you is the most important way to be. Remember you are no longer his main priority as far as relationships go. You are part of the past! Become that person again that he first fell in love with and doubt will soon creep into his mind about why he split from you.

2 - If I try to trick him can I get my ex boyfriend back?

Why try to trick him to get him back? This sort of thing will only meet back up with you somewhere down the line and bite you in the nether region! Lies and trickery are not the basis of a long term relationship. Be true to yourself and tell the truth to him.

3 - Will making him jealous help me get my ex boyfriend back?

Making your ex jealous is something that should be done very carefully. A little jealousy can make him see what he is missing. Too much "in his face" jealousy and he will think you have moved on with your life and he will just let you go. If you decide to date someone purely to make your ex jealous be aware that this kind of dating is a double edged sword! When surviving a break up doing something like this is not fair on your date and if you were to be honest with yourself it's not fair on you ex. Use extreme caution when trying to play the jealous card as it can cause a lot more harm than good.

Dealing with a breakup is not an easy task especially when all you can think about is "can I get my ex boyfriend back"? Your emotional state of mind can push you into thinking about doing some mad things to get him back. If you don't think these things through you can cause irreparable damage to your relationship. Get the right advice and you will see that light at the end of the tunnel.


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Dealing With A Break Up - He Has A New Girlfriend Is It Game Over